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We are a non-profit organization. We accept tax-deductible donations. Tax deductible donations will be used to further support our statement of purpose.


Group and Family child care facilities offer several benefits to families. However, the staff of providers who carry the responsibility of providing the services may face challenges, such as a sense of isolation, limited resources when working longer hours, no support staff, and less business expertise.

Child Care Providers' Helper specializes in providing registry approved educational resources and professional development tools for childcare providers.  Many of our resources are provided for FREE to assist providers in offering high quality child care services to the families they support. 


Tax deductible donations will be used to further support our STATEMENT OF PURPOSE:

  • Provide education and training to improve child care business operations

  • Provide training and technical assistance to improve quality of care provided

  • Elevate providers through self-monitoring, learning and adhering to the State of Wisconsin Child Care rules and regulations

  • Increase longevity in the profession through mutual support, education and training

  • Teach responsibility and empowerment to help increase co-payment collections

  • Extend love, patience and understanding to all providers, regardless of sex, race, or creed.

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