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How to Implement the CDC-Developmental Milestones

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CDC Developmental Milestones

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Take the training for Free or take the training and get Registry Credit. The course material is available for FREE but if you want to earn 2 Training Hours for the Registry, there's an admin fee of $10 to review your homework, post your hours on the registry and send a certificate of completion.


Here's how it works.

Take the Training for FREE (no credit) https://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/watchmetraining/course.html

Receive 2 Training Hours (Admin Fee 

Click here to download course material and pay admin fee


Each bundle includes multiple courses. Earn more training hours for professional development.


Child Care Providers' Helper provides Registry approved educational resources and professional development tools for childcare providers.  We exist to support child care providers in offering high-quality child care services to the families they support. 

Why are our courses so affordable? Most of our courses consist of FREE information that we gathered (with their permission) from leading organizations in the early childhood development field. The fees you pay cover our administrative fees for reviewing your study guides, posting your training hours with the Registry and sending your certificate.